Essential Oils

Take your health into your own hands

Essential oils have been my "go-to" for our family's healing since early 2015.  I have always been more interested in treating our family naturally versus medically whenever possible, and I knew that I liked the idea of these oils.

Around the same time that I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and started learning the link between our lifestyle and our health, I realized that I needed to be more intentional about our natural treatments.

From that point on, I was full-on oil obsessed, and I continue to love finding new ways to use my oils to help our family.

Since we began using oils in our family, we have been able to increase the quality of our sleep, help the kids get over colds quickly, heal injuries, and so much more without having to go to the doctor and medicate ourselves.

 I will absolutely take our kids to the doctor if I feel they need to go, but when it's something like a virus that the doctor can't do anything for anyways, I don't want to bring them.  If I can help to heal them faster, and without exposing them to more germs in the doctor's waiting room, then I will do what I can. It is empowering to be able to take our health into our own hands!

Ready for some oils?

What are Essential Oils?

Have you ever been calmed by inhaling the sweet perfume of a rose, been uplifted and energized by the scent of a freshly peeled orange, or savored the scent of recently chopped mint?

If so, then you have already experienced the aromatic power of essential oils.  Essential oils are all-natural, powerful, and effective compounds extracted from plant parts such as the flower, leaves, stem, bark, or root.

They are often called the life blood of the plant because they transport nutrients throughout the plant. Essential oils do amazing things for us like improve everyday well-being, enhance nourishment, and support good health.

These oils are so concentrated that it takes 22 pounds of rose petals in order to make one 5-ml bottle of rose oil.

Each drop of peppermint oil is the equivalent of drinking 28 cups of peppermint tea.

These oils are easily absorbed into the bloodstream, can cross the blood brain barrier, and help to bring the body back to homeostasis, where we can begin to heal.​

How do Essential Oils Work?


To use oils this way, they are applied to our skin.  Our skin, being our biggest organ, immediately begins absorbing the oils into our bloodstream and into our cells.​


These oils can be inhaled either using a diffuser or directly from the bottle.  When the fumes are inhaled through the nose, they interact almost immediately with the brain, as well as with the respiratory system.    


Oral ingestion of essential oils is NOT recommended for the general public because a great deal of essential oils knowledge and expertise is necessary for safe practice.  Find a holistic doctor for guidance on ingesting oils.

Ready for some oils?

Why Young Living?

I spent more than a year researching essential oils and essential oil companies. After spending much time researching, I discovered that many inexpensive oils, like those found in health food stores or on Amazon, were full of potentially toxic fillers. This made them dangerous to use, and provided zero healing qualities as well.

Then I discovered Young Living. I found that they were one of the earliest companies to start with essential oils, and have been in business since 1993.  So with their 25 years of experience, meticulous Seed to Seal quality process that surpasses USDA organic standards, and dedication to providing the purest essential oils on the market, I was really happy to begin buying their oils.  

I am continually impressed by their quality and customer service, and I recommend them alone for oils.​

What Comes in the Premium Starter Kit?

The Premium Starter Kit is truly amazing.  Not only is it a fantastic deal, where you receive 10 of Young Living's most popular oils, a diffuser, and some great samples; but you also get the 24% wholesale discount on any other orders as well!

This kit comes with:

Lavender: reduces anxiety, promotes restful sleep, heals burns and wounds, treats skin disorders, and helps with headaches.

Lemon: Cleans & purifies, energizing, digestive aid, calming, and boosts immunity.

Purification:  Kills germs, heals stings from bug bites, insect deterrent, and neutralizes odors.

Pepermint: Increases alertness & concentration, reduces headaches, alleviates nausea, and eases digestion.

Frankincense: Anti-inflammatory, promotes healthy cell function, increases circulation, anti-cancer, and hormone health.

PanAway: Eases muscle aches, reduces tension, heals sore muscles, and reduces inflammation.

Stress Away:  Eases stress, reduces tension, emotionally balancing, and mood boosting properties.

Copiaba: Helps with chronic inflammation, joint pain, muscle stiffness, sinusitis, and bacterial infections.

DiGize: Supports the digestive system and helps with diarrhea, bloating, nausea, constipation, food poisoning, and motion sickness.

R.C.: Respiratory support for the cold, flu, bronchitis, sore throats, allergies, sinusitis, and lung infections.

Ready for some oils?